September 6 – Our Last Days in Tanzania

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We will call this the final or the wrap-up dispatch for the 2004 August Berg Adventures Lemosho Traverse. On the afternoon of the 3rd we drove down into Tarangire Park as planned. We had scarcely crossed, paid our fees and crossed into the park when we found a leopard in a tree.

Kilimanjaro cake with sparklersThat evening in our lodge it was a big surprise to the gang but many of my old friends that have worked at this lodge for years and years put the lights down as we were getting ready for desert in the dining room.  They noticed flames, torches back near the kitchen as the staff was preparing to dance and thought that the group, the lodge staff was just coming out to dance for the entire group of guests that evening, but actually they came straight over to our table and sang a very congratulatory Kilimanjaro song and a couple of other songs just for Julie, Alex and Jim.  They had a cake shaped like Kilimanjaro which they presented with sparklers.  A well deserved tribute to this gang that did so well.

Dancing for Julie, Alex and JimSo we were back to Arusha on the 4th and actually after quick showers the crew got to Kilimanjaro International Airport and boarded the KLM flight back to Amsterdam and of course on home to Atlanta .  This is a great trip with great friends, a lot of success physically on the hard and demanding traverse of Kilimanjaro and adventures on safari and throughout our stay in Northern Tanzania were as always very rewarding.

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