September 1 – Saying Goodbye after a Beautiful 9-Day Climb

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It’s September 1st and we are back in Arusha.  You can’t imagine how deeply we slept last night at the relatively low elevation of just under 13,000 feet (3962m) at the Millennium Camp.  We awoke this morning and we looked back up at Kibo, Kilimanjaro and it seemed very distant.  It was hard to imagine that only 24 hours earlier we had been on top.  We still had images in our mind of that beautiful sunrise.

We walked down through the forest and at the Makoa trailhead we were met by Anna from the office and Angel of course.  All the porters and staff got down and quickly washed their faces, washed the dust off from the trail, changed into Berg Adventures t-shirts and we had a great time of celebration.  We said goodbye to one another after a beautiful 9-day traverse and climb of Kilimanjaro.

Tomorrow morning Paul, one of the oldest and most experienced Berg Adventures safari guides, will pick us up at the hotel and we’ll be off for a short but believe me a very full safari adventure.  We are going to report to you from Ngorongoro, Tarangire and elsewhere out in the wilds of Northern Tanzania as we conclude our adventures with a wildlife viewing safari.