August 28 – Great Meal and Relaxation at 15,000 feet

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It is the 28th of August and I am calling you from the Lava Tower Camp, which is at almost 15,000 feet. Jim Alexander’s altimeter reads that we are at 14,600 here.

We had another great day of walking today, pretty much the same routine every day, we walk in the mornings and then we arrive at camp, have one of Hodson’s lunches and sit around in the afternoon, enjoy the scenery or play cards or even nap.

Today BAI camp beneath the breach wallwe have much better weather; we had clear mornings and cloudy afternoons to this point. But today it is staying clear throughout the afternoon and I am looking up at the great Western Breach glaciers and it is a very thrilling scene right now from where we are at this Lava Tower camp.

We were surprised when we thought about it today, that it's the 5th night of our trip on the mountain and we realized, Alex was commenting, that some of the people that this group flew in to Kilimanjaro International with, who were on other routes with other teams, this 5th night on the mountain would be their night to move to high camp, have an early dinner and get up at 11pm and start for their summit. When we thought about that, we were thinking how grateful we were that we were taking it slower and we are just getting into our routine now and we are in no hurry for this thing to end as I mentioned at Hodson's lunch today, looking up at the breach wall, we sat around and had his lunch was a chicken kebab, seasoned potatoes and cucumber salad.

Now we are resting as we usually do in the afternoon and we are looking up with excitement to the route ahead. I can see the Arrow glacier, we will be camping near that tomorrow night and then of course we will move up to the Western Breach Route and into the crater the following night. So, we will keep you posted, there is not much distance left, its all climbing now. We are excited and we are acclimatized well and as I said we are just enjoying this trip, no hurry for it to be over, we are savouring day to day.