August 13 – On to Olduvai

We are calling from the Seronera Airstrip in the heart of Serengeti. Today is August 13th, and it was Michael and Jean’s day to ride on the balloon.

BAI travelers enjoy the sights of the Serengeti from aboveThey have just arrived from the ride and they quickly collected their certificates acknowledging that they have done the balloon ride over Serengeti. I gave them their certificate from the Tanzanian Park Service also acknowledging them their successful accent of Kilimanjaro and now we are watching them take off and return to Arusha. We will miss them. Michael and Jean had the entire crew from Michael’s company, Pro Pacific Fresh, and all of Michael and Jean’s friends in Chico, California are watching their adventures and I can guarantee that they are very satisfied as they wing out of Serengeti this morning.

Now the rest of us on the 6 day safari crew are off to Olduvai Gorge where the Leakey family did all of their work throughout most of the last century. We will look at the anthropology there, and of course tonight we will be in the high cool and beautiful rim of the Ngorongoro Crater as we continue to report our safari adventures as we carry on.

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