August 12 – The Amazing Serengeti

This is ASerengeti Picnicugust 12th at noon and we are sitting on a rock in the middle of the Serengeti having a picnic lunch with the plains of Serengeti all around us, it is a beautiful view.

This is the same rock that Prosper, our safari guide, was up here not very long ago and he was chased by a spitting cobra, we all came up here on the rock being very careful about our surroundings.

This morning, Frank, Woodie, Yuki, Emi, Jeff, Nick, Fiona and Barbara got up before dawn, about 4:15 for the balloon Safari over the Serengeti. Afterwards Wally and myself met them at 8:30am and they had a very peaceful and amazed look on their faces from their ride after having seen a lot of wildlife and drinking a little champagne after they got down to the ground.

BAI balloon over the serengeti

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