August 6 – From the Shira Plateau

Today is August 6th and this is Kellie reporting. We had a lovely morning yesterday. We got out of camp early and walked up to the Shira Plateau. It was a beautiful day and as we walked up onto the Shira Plateau we got into the lava rocks and it’s a very dry environment compared to the jungle that we came out of, the rainforest, which was very wet and muddy. The group was moving very well and there was lots of talk on the trail. As we gathered more speed and got to a higher altitude you could tell that people were feeling altitude and an interesting conversation started from that.

When we got to our camp at 4:00 in the afternoon, I think people were relieved to get there as it was quite a steep climb from our first camp. The evening turned out to be very beautiful with the clouds dancing below – you really felt that you were on an island all of your own, out in the middle of nowhere. The white-necked African ravens were playful in the sky and it looked really beautiful and we enjoyed watching them. They are similar to the ravens we have in the United States. They have a white band around their neck.

AugusteWe are quite fortunate to have a great African crew – as usual you couldn’t do trips to other countries like this without these folks, the chagga porters and staff are really great. Our lead guide Auguste, who was with us last year, is excellent, he has lots of experience on the mountain. He will also be with me on the Lemosho route next trip. He is keeping everyone moving really well at the same pace. Our cook named Mrema, is a wonderful man. The first night he showed up at our tent with his chef hat and his white cook coat on. The group was quite impressed and last night the dinner proved to be just as good as the night before and everybody really enjoyed it.