August 5, 2007 – Sleeping with the hippos right outside our room at Migration camp

Sleeping at Migration camp always an exciting and scary experience

Hi is Holly here, we are in the Serengeti, we left Ngorongoro Crater yesterday and drove to Serengeti where we saw lot of lions walking around. As we went to the restroom at lunch we saw a leopard in the tree; which was very cool, then we went to a hippo pool where we saw hundreds of hippos mucking around mudding themselves.

Now we are in the Migration camp, which is gorgeous.

There are a lot of hippos grazing around outside our room at night which is sort of exciting and scary at the same time.

Everyone is doing well. Rob is sleeping a lot. He should be well rested by the time he gets back home.

We are just having lots of fun. The words that we are learning, the similarities between English words and Swahili words, like Caribou, is welcome, and we keep on saying where, where is the caribou?

My favorite word is Caca, or brother. So I have been calling my brother Caca a lot. We are all having a good time.

Lion - We saw lot of lions walking around in Serengeti

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