July 21, 2007 – Great Safaris Come to a Close

Elephant family in Tarangeri National Park

The Hughes Brothers in Serengeti

This is Chamalis Maji, Berg Adventures safari guide.  We have been doing very exploring Serengeti.  And we are heading back tomorrow back to Arusha.  Things are fine here – a little bit windy - but we are fine.  Thank you very much, cheers and bye!

Updates from the Mackenzie Clan

Hello, this is Seanna Mackenzie calling on Saturday July 21st.  We are heading back into Arusha after a wonderful 5 day of safari with our guide David, who has shown us “The Big Five”   (The Big Five safari animals are Lion, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhinoceroses, Leopard).  We were also lucky enough to see… [transmission lost] …. and lots of baby animals in Serengeti  We got to see the Migration and flamingos in the Crater – followed with a stay at Tree Tops in Tanragire where we have just had a wonderful morning watching elephants.  It has been a wonderful trip and we are heading back into Arusha now.  Bye bye!

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