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July 21, 2002 – All good things must end

I’m calling you again from Tarangire, my favorite of the parklands of Northern Tanzania. It’s still and peaceful morning; we’re relaxing, looking out at those massive Baobab trees that really define the landscape in this part of Tanzania. This classic African landscape; very vast and still, I think that everyone here in this group has appreciated the contrast of the different parklands we’ve traveled thorough.

We are off on our own agendas this morning, you might say. Rafael, Janeen, Dennis, George, and Becky rolled out of here after a nice breakfast at about 8:30 am, to go out on one more game drive here in Tarangire. Richard, Katherine, and myself are relaxing around the Sopa Lodge here in Tarangire. I said it before and I’ll say it again, probably the best-run of the lodges we have used – great staff, many of whom I’ve known since this place first opened in 1995.

Richard, and Katherine understandably have flights out of Kilimanjaro International tonight and are already in unwind mode, transition mode; folding their clothes and checking their plane tickets, to make sure they haven’t lost anything, and making sure the driver knows how to find the airport type of mode.

(Unintelligible transmission) the vastness of this African landscape still defines where we are and it’s a great setting to unwind and finish up our trip.

Last night there was a musical show put on by all of the staff here, and I don’t just mean the waiters, porters and managers, but the staff from the kitchen as well, wearing their white cook chiefs’ uniforms, the whole crew came out. And with beautiful voices performed especially for our group, it was really a very magical moment here at Tarangire.

As we get ready to close out this Berg Adventures Kilimanjaro and Tanzania Trip for July 2002, I want to especially thank here on safari: Rafael Njovu, Rafael is from Ngoni tribe, one of the one hundred and twenty tribes that comprise the people of Tanzania. And also our Massai guide Adam Meshallu. Adam and Rafael spent some time talking with me this morning about plans for next year’s Berg Adventures Safaris, how to incorporate more cultural and some new ideas of places to visit… although our basic trip was proven really successful this time.

We will fly again next year to that wonderful airstrip at Feronera, Serengeti, and then will make our way back slowly to Arusha.

I’m here at the lodge with the new manager Thierry Plajatet. This fellow came here from France to run this place. Thierry is continuing the great tradition of this lodge and as I said we are going to end up here as in all our Berg Adventures trips, in 2003 here as well.

When I get back to Arusha, Nicholas and the entire Chagga staff will be waiting, and as the others begin their journey home, we will be putting all our equipment back into our storage here in Arusha, where it will sit until next January when we return with a Berg Adventures Group.

Thanks for following us in the cybercast as we head home by tomorrow evening, and of course on Wednesday I’ll be home in Alberta. A lot is going on later that week as the Canadian Mountain School Program starts up, under the leadership of Dave Scott. Then in August Kelly, Leila and myself will be in Russia for the Mt. Elbus Climb.

So once again, thank-you for the messages of best wishes for the support of this exceptionally successful group. I want to compliment Janeen on her addition to this group of mountain climbers; she became a part of the team very naturally and comfortably and as for our safari adventures, added a great deal to our entire crew.

As these folks travel home, they are going to have tired legs, probably some sore backs, from bouncing around in the Land Rovers, you may remember that the safari motto that we’ve used for years is “ it’s rough, it’s dusty, but it’s an adventure”. But they are also going to have that glimmer in their eye from days of enjoying these landscapes and the wildlife of Northern Tanzania. They are going to have fond memories of relaxing dinners in the lodges, great wine, great times with friends as they savored the experience of their climb and the adventures in Northern Tanzania.

Thanks for following us on the cybercast; everyone is heading home by tomorrow evening. Those of us that aren’t flying out tonight are going to have dinner with friends in Arusha and I’m sure there’s a great deal of shopping that is going to take place in the next 24 hours. We’ve had a great trip; we do appreciate the attention from everyone at the web site.

I’m speaking from everyone here in saying that it’s been an exciting adventure here in Tanzania and everyone is looking forward to returning home to his or her friends and families.

– End –

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