Daily Dispatches:

July 16, 2002 Part 2 – Serengeti!

It’s still July 16th, but I’m calling you back because I’m watching the sunset across the plains and the vastness of Serengeti, it’s a beautiful evening, and we have already come a long ways. We’ve sent Charles and Deke off to Nairobi, back in very fine style. I saw them loaded into the back of the Tanju family Toyota Lexus Land cruiser with the big plush leather seats. Going back with family members direct to Nairobi for their flight home.

We went out and got our own private ride, we chartered a Twin Otter, once again that trusty aircraft that’s hauling us off on adventures. We flew out with a really nice woman pilot named Iris, she briefed us before we went, described the clear weather on the way to Serengeti, promised to fly us over Ngorongoro Crater in which she did do. About an hour later she was buzzing the landing strip at Serengeti to clear the wild life off the landing strip before she landed. The smile on Katherine’s face looking out the plane window as she saw the zebras go by was priceless, and worth the whole trip. It was amazing to see how excited she was.

What an excellent first game drive today, saw of course wildebeests and zebras, we saw hippos, crocodiles, elephants, lions, we did see lions, in fact just before we pull into the lodge tonight, we saw a little baby lion cub crossing the road.

So we‘re off to a great adventure and as I’ve described to you earlier I don’t think these people can even imagine how wonderful this is going to be and I can guarantee you as they relax and clean up in their rooms tonight they are pretty amazed that they have only been in Serengeti about three hour but already feel like they’ve seen a lot. Tomorrow morning we get pick-up at about 5 am for a balloon ride and I want to try to do a dispatch from the balloon, so tune in tomorrow.