June 18, 2007 – Diary of Summit Attempt

BAI campsite and the steep wall that the team descended to reach campsite

This is Amber calling from mountain Kilimanjaro, day 6. We trekked from Karanga camp to Kossovo camp at 16, 000 ft. Karanga camp is the last place where we can get water before we reach glacier and snow. We are very grateful for our porters who had to carry the water.

Day 7, we left for the crater where we would camp that night at 18,700 feet. After a slow ascent to Stella Point we decided to continue on to Uhuru peak today, the top of Kilimanjaro instead of waiting for morning. It was a beautiful ascent, as the views were spectacular, the weather was great and our guides and porters were with us at the top. We summitted the highest point in Africa at 19,339 ft at 3:45 pm local time. We had the mountain to ourselves.  We then descended the steep crater wall to our camp.

Life at 18,700 feet, crater camp

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