March 5 – A Stunning Morning at Karenga Camp

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The morning of the 5th of March is beautiful here, with clear skies. We are at 13,000 feet (3962 meters) as you know, still at the Karenga Camp. The glaciers of Kibo are right behind us looking inviting, and out in the other direction there is the plains, the Chagga village of Moshi and way across I see a beautiful peak, Mount Meru which is 15,000 feet (4572 meters) which is across the floor of clouds as I look in the direction of Arusha where we began our trip.

Mt. Meru from KilimanjaroA really beautiful morning, we are getting packed up ready to leave for high camp. This group has been talking a lot, remembering a lot of people, talking about a lot of people back home that are with us. But one thing that comes up really often is all the school groups across all of Canada that we know are listening and watching these internet dispatches and are learning about what we are doing, we hope about Africa as well and supporting us.

From the Berg Adventures side I always remember and I told the group about Ms. Phillips Reid’s class in Exshaw, Alberta and I know they will be watching our adventures as they almost always do. Then of course Julie mentioned her class, Julie is a teacher and her class at St. Pauls Catholic School in North Bay Ontario as well as St. Anns School in North Bay, we know they are really watching us every day. And of course George had to mention that before he was with Investor’s Group as a financial planner he was a principle for I believe 20 years in Newfoundland at Christ the King School where I bet those students are watching us as well. There’s a lot more schools and I’m going to get you all posted on the internet so you can see that we know who you are in Ontario and as I said all across Canada.

GeorgeWe hope besides following us, we know how you helped raise money and how you are supporting this cause; you can take some time to learn about the wonderful part of the world we are privileged enough to experience here. The people of Tanzania are a big part of this experience for us.

You know back in Canada we have two languages and if you count the languages native to our continent we have some more of course. But you wouldn’t believe here in Tanzania how complex that is. Most people have their native language, for instance the Chagga people have Chagga that they speak in their homes and then when you go to school you begin to learn Swahili which is the national language of Tanzania and also at the same time, English.

The lower levels of primary schools instruction are in Swahili and then as you go higher towards high school your instruction is in English and higher learning is in English in Tanzania. One of the great things is that there are so many languages here, including one language that is just Click language, and they don’t even have words. These people just make clicking sounds with their tongue on the roof of their mouth and this is what they developed as a language.

You’ll find traveling here that Tanzanian’s take great pride in coming together with Swahili as their national language. Many different types of people accept this as their language and use it as a common bond politically and socially in this country and it leads to great peace here through out this region of Africa where there has been a lot of war and violence with people not understanding one another. Tanzania serves as a model for how people come together and great things can happen.

We are privileged to be with them here for this experience and we are going to talk a lot more about the people of Tanzania not only Chagga but as we go out on Safari in a few days we’ll be running across a lot more of the peoples of Tanzania and we’ll report to you what they are like and what we learned from them.

Schools in addition we would like to acknowledge:

SLCH ~ St. Lawrence, Newfoundland
Blessed Kateri Tewkawitha School ~ Hamilton, Ontario
Balaclava Public School ~ Carlise, Ontario
Montessori Learning Center ~ Pickering, Ontario
William Davis School ~ Scarborough, Ontario