March 6, 2006 – Beautiful Land and People

Hi, this is Laura Toole calling for the Feed Nova Scotia group.  As you all know yesterday we came down off the mountain and had a wonderful dinner at the Peppe restaurant for some Italian Pizza.  We had a shower of course and started in the early morning on safari at 8:00am from the Arusha Hotel.

Today we visited Lake Manyara Park where we saw water buffalo, baboons and giraffes.  We had lunch at the Lake Manyara lodge which was really beautiful and then this afternoon we drove around the Ngorongoro Crater and we are now sitting at the Ngorongoro Lodge where we are having a lovely dinner.  I’m going to hand you over to my colleague and friend Rob Dunn.

Thanks Laura.  As we move through this beautiful country of Tanzania we are constantly shocked by the peacefulness and serenity we feel and the beauty of the people.  Every time we turn a new corner, I for a change can’t express the beauty I feel and see.  Tomorrow morning we will go into the crater at 6:00am before sunrise and look forward to a magnificent day.  We can’t thank Berg Adventures enough for putting on this wonderful, wonderful opportunity we have to see this magnificent country.

Hello, this is Darrell Harris, part of the trio here.  We are just coming in for dinner after sitting outside and looking down into the crater that we are going to go into tomorrow.  So far the things that have impressed us are seeing elephants only 10 feet away from our vehicle, the markings from the elephants as they dig for minerals, the shear numbers of wildebeests and of course the hippos as they stand and play in the water.  The colorfulness of the people is expressed with their clothing here and is beautiful and impressive.

I think we will wrap it up now, thanks very much.

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