Feed Nova Scotia team at the Park Gate

February 25, 2006 – Virtual Climbing on Kilimanjaro

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Frank Reesor’s new Swahli name is Babu – Great GrandfatherWell here we go, it’s hard to believe after months of planning, dreaming, training with a lot of support from people back home in Nova Scotia and around Canada and even the world, the Feed Nova Scotia climb is underway.  I’m calling you now from the Lemosho gate, I’m at 7,800 feet or about 2400m and the entire team, Jeremy, Ljerka, Laura, Darrell, Rob and Frank who I might mention as our younger member, Frank quickly earned the affectionate and respectful term ‘Babu’ or ‘respected elder’ or one might say great grandfather of the team.  Of course Frank with his wry smile quickly picked up on this and he and the guys are off down the trail with the rest of the crew.  I think Frank is going to be Babu for the rest of this trip.

These guys look strong and motivated and I can tell it’s going to be a team that’s going to put a lot of effort in and I suspect will do really, really well.  We’ll keep you posted daily on their adventures.

I want to mention right now that back in Cape Breton, at the West Richmond Education Center, we know that more than 100 students under the direction of Jason Fraser are climbing Kilimanjaro in a virtual climb.  150 feet at a time I believe, they are trying to scale a wall that they are going to have to climb… [lost transmission]

The Berg Adventures Porters and Crew are ready to go

The virtual climb that Wally was describing will be done by students at the West Richmond Education Center in Evanston, near Port Hawkesbury where they will be climbing to 20,000 feet, 10 feet at a time on a small bouldering wall in their gym.

John Fraser and the students plan to raise money for Feed Nova Scotia along with their climbing partners who have just reached the base of Kilimanjaro today.  There are 140 students participating and each student will have to climb the wall 2000 times to reach the height of Kilimanjaro.  We wish them luck on their own adventure and hope they succeed in reaching their goals.

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