January 15, 2006 – Reaching High Points

Brett and Greg with their Kilimanjaro Team

Hi, this is Greg calling from the Horombo Camp at 12,140ft (3700m), the Outward Bound School Hut.  Yesterday afternoon we got a couple of hours of rest and got up at 11:00pm last night and started for the summit.  We got up to 16,000ft (4877m) and neither myself nor Brett were feeling too good so Safi and our other guide took us back down. 

So we turned around but no regrets, they did a great job helping us out.  We went back to the camp and then traversed over to Kibo hut and then down to where we are today.  Tomorrow in the afternoon we will leave Kilimanjaro and return to Arusha for much needed fresh clothes and showers and then head off for the safari.  We are having a great time and we have enjoyed everything.  No regrets on not reaching the summit, we’ll do it again in the future and we’ll bag it then.  Take care everybody, bye!