May 29, 2003 – 50th Anniversary Celebration of First Ascent of Everest

More BAI exclusive photos from a historic day of great celebration

Peter Hillary at 11:30 – This was when he announced that it was 50 years ago to the
moment when his father stood on the summit of Mt. Everest with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa

Monks enjoyed the festivities

Old Sherpas in Attendance – the stories these guys could tell

Peter and Lloyd "chat it up" at the party

Traditional Sherpa dancing – some of the dancers were quite athletic

The Rinpoche: Tangboche's reincarnate Lama. The rinpoche was already the abbot of Tangboche monestary when the British arrived in 1953. in all my years of passing through Tangboche, I have never seen him so accessible and open as on may 29, 2003

Ang Temba Sherpa

Ang Temba, Peter Hillary, and the Rinpoche

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