November 21, 2007– Exploring Galapagos Islands

We had a magnificent day, right out of the port. We were on the open decks and enjoyed the sightings of whales that breached the surface of the water, and then dove in. Their large tales lifting above the water as they went down.

Late in the morning the ship left onto the shallow bay on Isla Santiago (San Salvador), because it is a catamaran with two halls, it has a shallow draft and can go where many other ships cannot.

We climbed into the Zodiacs and had what we called a wet landing.

Our naturalist guide led us along a trail, pointed out the volcanic origins of the island and gave us background information on many of the species we have seen. We saw Iguanas and lots of iridescent red Sally Lightfoot crabs.

We were on our way back to the boat and saw the sea lions. We enjoyed watching the younger one playing in the water and even launching themselves up into the air out of the water. Sea lions are very playful creatures and they seem to love having their photographs taken.

Lunch was ready when we returned to the boat, and a few hours of cruising brought us to James Bay which is on the western coast of San Salvador Island.

Red Sally Lightfoot crabs

Land Iguana

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