Berg Adventures International 2003 Everest Expedition

November 2 – Team to turn around at South Summit

Listen to Audio of Leila's Call (.wav)

Hi this is Leila calling from Base Camp. I just had radio contact with Wally from the South Summit. They arrived there at 7:30 am and at that moment there was absolutely no wind, it was a very clear situation.

Nima Tashi, Lakpa and David, after a short break, decided to carry on and they kept moving. Wally stayed waiting for Garry who was a little bit, half an hour behind I believe. Anyway, Garry arrived with Nwang Pasang and Da Sona at 8 am, exactly half an hour later.

They all started resting and putting on sunglasses and getting ready when the wind started picking up really strong. Anyway, they waited a little bit.

Wally now has just decided that it will be safer for everyone to turn around due to the high wind.

At this moment they are still on the South Summit getting ready to turn around. I will keep you updated if there is any news and as soon as they get further down. I’m in base camp standing by.

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