July 30, 2007 – Rocking the Rails on the Midnight Train to Moscow

Lida & Lina explore the city's rich history

Later in the evening, we met at the hotel and we did walk down a short distance to Moscow station and we got on the ‘Midnight Train to Moscow’. I’m calling you from Red Square now and the train that we will ride on is called the Red Arrow Express. It is a luxury train that runs between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It was really enjoyable. We woke up this morning and they served us coffee in the train cars. Guess what! It’s Alex’s 35th Birthday today and I’m standing here right now watching the early morning crowd begin to show up at Red Square, looking at St. Basil’s and other beautiful, historic and world famous sights right here in the heart of Moscow. Happy Birthday Alex! This group is having a great time and we are off to a great start. We are using every minute of every day and enjoying our tour of Russia!

Happy Birthday Alex!

Wes, Lida & Alex sip morning coffee on the Midnight Train to Moscow

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