October 16, 2006 - The Perfect Ending to a Perfect Trip

Last minute Cashmere shopping

Hi this is Leila Silveira doing my last dispatch from Kathmandu for our trekking team.  Tomorrow they will be flying home after a great adventure.

Today we had another hectic day.  After a relaxing breakfast, Sally and Chuck decided that they still had some last minute shopping to do in Thamel.  We quickly made our way to Thamel and made it back 10 minutes before they had to leave for the airport. 

On the terrace in front of Boudanath TempleWendy, Catharine and Linda found a great Pashmina shop by the hotel and trust me we spent a lot of time there, buying and ordering items that the owner promised would be ready by tomorrow.

Then Catharine realized that she still needed a few more carpets for her house, so off we went to our favorite carpet show room.  Luckily the show room was near the Boudanath temple where we had planned to go for lunch.  After looking at lots of carpet we were hungry.  We picked a great restaurant in Boudanath located on a terrace that had a perfect view of the Stupa.

Then, what else to do but end the day with a foot massage!!!!  Kathmandu doesn’t change and we enjoy every minute of it, massages, shopping the perfect way to end a trip.

Sally and Chuck just before leaving the Yak and YetiTonight I just sat with Catharine, Linda and Wendy by the bar at the Yak and Yeti.  They had a content look on their face knowing that they had finished the day doing everything they wanted.  I gave Katharine my last update on the Everest team since she is particularly interested in how Kit DesLauriers is doing, the reason is because Catharine is Kit’s mother.

The Everest team is at Camp III at the moment and the last report I had was that the wind had finally calmed down.  We are all crossing our fingers and if everything goes as planned, summit day will start in almost 24 hours.

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