October 14, 2006 - Trekkers Arrive in Kathmandu

Welcome back to Kathmandu

This is Leila Silveira reporting from Kathmandu.  Today I woke up to a call that our trekking team had just arrived.  It turned out that they woke up this morning in Lukla to beautiful weather, clear blue sky and they were rushed out from their hotel to the airport where they were boarding the first flight back to Kathmandu before 8:00AM.

That was a welcome surprise, since there had not been any flights for the past 2 days from Lukla.  Actually, in 2006 we have been very lucky with the weather, so far none of our teams have had problems flying out of Lukla.

Chuck takes a nap during his massageThe team was happy to arrive in Kathmandu and had plenty of news from the mountains.  It seems like they cleaned out the stock of Pashmina shawls at the Khumbu Lodge in Namche and did lots of shopping!

Their experience sleeping at Base Camp was amazing; a bit tough at night, but worth every minute.

The first thing the team asked for upon their return was for a foot massage -- I quickly called and booked appointments for noon.  They barely had time to shower and then we were off to Thamel for the much sought after foot massages.  After the foot massages, we were off to Fire and Ice for pizzas, antipasto, ice cream. You name it, we had it…

Then, we rushed back to the hotel and were immediately off to an appointment to visit a carpet factory where more shopping was on the program.  We all bought beautiful carpets --  Tibetan Dragon among other styles.  Now the team is going to have a well deserved rest since they have been on the go non-stop for the past 12 hours.

A massage after several days of trekking – it’s the best!

Actually, Sally and Chuck seem like they are going to go back to Thamel for a second round to buy maps, clothes and catch up on the internet.

Well we still have a few days ahead of us before the team leaves, so we will be in touch sending more news of the Kathmandu program.

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