October 10, 2006 - An Early Morning Departure

The mornings are getting colder and the sun is coming up a bit later each morning here at Everest Base Camp.  So when Ang Temba told his trek group last night at dinner that they should prepare for an “early” 7:00 AM wake up call and an 8:30 AM departure they knew that they would need their big down jackets as soon as they got out of their sleeping bags.

Wally said the heater would be going in the dining tent and it was.  But trek life involves packing duffel bags for the yaks and the porters to take before breakfast is served, so that is the day’s first challenge.  Breakfast with this group of climbers is always a hearty and enthusiastic time.  Fried eggs, fresh bacon, toast and cheddar cheese – in great quantities are what the climbers consume.  Chuck actually started with porridge this morning and the trekkers all had somewhat smaller portions.

The group took off right on time; it was a sad and emotional time saying goodbye to the climbers who must continue on back up the mountain soon, hoping to reach the top on October 16th.  But it was also a very satisfying time.  The trekkers have all accomplished their goal, sharing life with a climbing team high on the Khumbu glacier, with ice and snow crashing off steep mountain walls all around and with brilliant beautiful starlight filling the Himalayan sky each night is an experience that they all will remember and cherish forever.

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