October 15 - Reaching The End Of Our Base Camp Trek

It’s the 15th of October in the morning in Lukla and I’m pleased to say there are absolutely clear skies.  The first aircraft we heard in the morning was at about 6:00am , we heard a helicopter.  Now an hour and a half later I am standing out by the airstrip and the airplanes are landing one right after the other.  I’m sure we’ll be on a Yeti aircraft back to Kathmandu quite soon.

We had a beautiful walk from Namche down to Phakding back in the lower, greener more lush elevations along the Dudh Kosi River and on up to Lukla on the 14th.  Last night we had a great little farewell celebration where our staff most of whom will walk right back up the trail and remain in the Khumbu where they live.  I’ll get to see them in a couple weeks time when I return for the Ama Dablam expedition.  It was a heartfelt sentimental goodbye on both parts last night as we had a little celebration with our staff.  We’ll report to you when we get back to Kathmandu .

[After their flight to Kathmandu from Lukla….]

Well were on the ground in Kathmandu at 9:30am feeling a bit strange wearing pile jackets and the warm clothing from the mountains all the way back into the Kathmandu Valley where it is quite warm.  Of course the city sights and sounds are strange to us after so long in the Khumbu but the Yak and Yeti Hotel was a welcomed refuge from the bustling city.  The showers felt great and I have run into people throughout the day. It is early evening now in Kathmandu and shopping was done, naps were taken and probably repeated showers from time to time.  People are enjoying being back in the city.

James and Scott informed us right after they got back into town that it may not be a bad idea to try to go to Bangkok , keep going to Thailand today.  Our staff here in Kathmandu called the Thai office quickly, the Thai Airlines Office and in fact made arrangements for them to leave this afternoon.  The rest of us will enjoy at least one more night in Kathmandu .

It’s always stimulating and exciting after trekking.  I just saw Susan Cooley and she had bumped into Reinhold Messner in the lobby of the Yak and Yeti Hotel.  I’m pretty confident in saying that Susan Cooley did not know who Reinhold Messner was (of course he is one of the greatest mountaineers of our time) until she came on this trip and that’s probably an illustration of how horizons are broadened in all kinds of ways when you go trekking and climbing and experience Nepal.

Everyone is excited about going home and seeing loved ones.  We’ll report when our Ama Dablam expedition begins in early November.  Just know that all the members of the Berg Adventures Everest Base Camp Trek are healthy, happy, back in Kathmandu , I can tell you they are excited about coming home but I can also say they had great experiences during their trek.

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