October 7 - Kathy Compliments Our Food Service

It’s the 7th of October and our trekking group is calling in from Lobuche at 16,077 ft (4900m) right at the edge of the lateral moraine at the Khumbu Glacier.  It’s cold here in the early evening but we are very warm and cozy in our lodge.  I have to report that this group is continuing to acclimatize extremely well; we have no altitude problems whatsoever.                             

Kathy Ruiz making a call to HoustonOur day started on a really happy note when we made radio contact with Ang Temba’s lodge and we heard that Grant and his team had reported from the top of Gokyo Ri at 18,700 ft (5700m).  The first mountain of several for their expedition but we are really happy to report that all the members of the team, George, Denio, Meagan and Grant made it to the summit.

We had a good walk as we passed that famous spot with all the Sherpa Memorials for all the Sherpas lost on Everest.  We of course stopped at the memorial for Scott Fisher and Alex Lowe before we continued on to Lobuche.  Here at Lobuche it was really interesting because Kathy is the vice president of Landry’s and executive chef in charge of 300 restaurants around the country.  You could tell food service was Kathy’s deal from when I gave that account about George and I listening to Houston restaurant stories over the years from Kathy a few days ago.

Kathy had been talking for the entire trip about the fine job of preparing our meals the staff has been doing.  I could tell she was interested in seeing how they work.  When she got in there, she rolled up her sleeves and got right into it with the boys.  There were too many of us in the tent taking pictures and just watching so we left Kathy with the cooks and she was really in her element.  I think she was enjoying their company and they certainly were enjoying hanging out with her.

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