October 4 - Up the Hill to Pangboche

Meagan happy to be on the trailThis is a dispatch for October 4th for the trekking group.  We are at the Highland Sherpa Resort, Ang Temba’s house in Pangboche.  Our day began at the bakery in the village of Khumgjung , a place Leila loves.  We’d actually started hiking quite a lot earlier to Khunde and we went to the Hillary school to visit the first Hillary school of many.  After a brief stop there we enjoyed the pastries at the Everest Bakery in Khumgjung and then it was time to begin what was a long day’s walk.

We descended down to the Imja Khola River for lunch and then of course up the long Pangboche hill.  It took us, those walking behind me exactly 2.5 hours to walk up the long Pangboche hill.  The time went quickly for me because I was just ahead of Kathy and Susan and I feel that I could now write a book about the history of restaurants in Houston over the last quarter century.  I heard a lot of colorful stories and accounts of the restaurant business in Houston from those two.

Grant Meekins, leader of the climbing groupWhen we got to Pangboche we stopped at Mingma Yongzi’s house an old friend of mine from Everest 1989, a wonderful woman and an Everest climber herself from the 2000 Nepalese women expedition.  We had tea with her and then continued on as it was getting quite late.

Finally just as it got dark we arrived at about 6:20pm in Pangboche but just as it was getting dark Sherpas came back with hot tea for us and escorted us with lights into Pangboche.  Tonight is a big night, James turned 50 today and we are going to have a party for him here in Ang Temba’s comfortable lodge in Pangboche.

Statue of Sir Edmund HillaryI should mention today we did split up with George Carabetta and Denio and of course Grant and Meagan who are climbing with them.  They went up the Gokyo valley to begin preparing for their climbs.  It was hard to split up with them, we had a great time together but we wish them well on their climbing adventures as we continue with our trekking adventures.

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