May 17, 2006 - No Hurry to Say Our Goodbyes

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This photo taken just before we left Namche today

It’s the 17th of May and let me tell you Namche Bazaar is not an easy town to leave.  We all woke this morning in those wonderful private rooms at Panorama Lodge, eager in some ways to start down the infamous Namche hill and begin the trek back towards home but also in no hurry to say goodbye to our many good friends here.

Sherap Jonbu and Doc say their goodbyes

We had a nice leisurely breakfast with Sherap Jonbu, Lakpa Doma, Nilu the teacher from Shree Himalaya Primary School who’s become such a good friend of ours and of course Sweetie, the young Lhasa Apso who we’ve all enjoyed having on our lap for so many hours at the Panorama Lodge.  We…[lost transmission]

Jackie and Sweetie

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