May 15, 2006 - Thick Air and Apple Pie

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Doc and Erin make their way across a bridge

It’s May 15th and we’ve made it back to Namche.  This morning Yanzing presented us with these white, silk, blessing scarves, the katas as we said goodbye to Pangboche.  Then we trekked on to Tangboche and had amazing views of Everest and Lhotse behind as we walked past the monastery at Tangboche.  We paused there for a group photo and we continued on in to Namche Bazaar.

Everyone stops for a group shot in front of the Tangboche Monastery

It was a long walk today but the team was very motivated to get back down to the pleasures of Namche and we found our trekking legs underneath us as we walk longer days, descending into the thick air of the Khumbu.  Doug actually was the first person to walk in, he led the entire group into Namche, and he was quite the speed-rabbit today.

Jim Haskins receives a kata from Yanzing in PangbocheWe got to our beloved home in Namche, the Panorama Lodge and everyone quickly discovered that the apple pie was fresh and hot.  Several people devoured pieces, in some cases multiple pieces of apple pie.  I noticed Doc and Doug were both very eager to get back into Lakpa Doma’s vegetable fried noodles which are excellent, they both devoured huge plates of Panorama’s vegetable fried noodles.

Now we are relaxing in the evening knowing we have a full day in Namche tomorrow to shop, visit old friends and once again enjoy the thicker air of the lower portions of the Khumbu, taking our time before we head out.  We are still going to have a lot of adventures and fun with good friends here in the Everest region.  We’ll keep telling you how it’s going day to day.

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