May 11, 2006 - Crayons and Coloring Books - Not Just for Kids

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The trail to Lobuche

It’s early evening Thursday May 11th and I’m calling you from our comfortable home at the Eco Lodge in Lobuche.  We are at 16,150 ft (4922m) above sea level and we are right against the lateral moraine of the Khumbu Glacier.  This is a really exciting time for this group, we are up in the real places now.  We are at the gateway for Everest Base Camp, the big wall of Nupste looms above us, it’s been snowing a bit this afternoon and this is a very exciting time.

Doc becomes the new pace-setterNow this morning back down in Dingboche Doug came to me and said, ‘you know I really like Doc’s pace’.  Doc sets what he calls one half the Wally pace.  I’ve become pretty well known for my slow paces but Doc has taken over with the leadership of the pacing on this trip and he set the Doc pace at first at Doug’s request but it turned out the entire group, John, Jim Barr, Jim Haskins, Opus, Erin, Tim and Jackie kept the Doc pace all the way to Dugla at 15,100 ft (4602m) where we had lunch and this is right at the terminal moraine of the Khumbu Glacier.

After lunch we climbed up to those well known chortens, memorials for Sherpas and now for some of the foreign climbers that have been lost on Everest.  Definitely a beautiful spot but also one that gives you pause as you climb up onto the Khumbu Glacier.

Coming up towards the glacier today I met at least 15 Sherpas that I know who were heading down valley for a rest.  It was fun seeing old friends, catching up on some news.  They had all been to the South Col, they all looked strong with sun burnt faces of course and they are all very happy to be heading down valley for a rest.  So I think things look good, as I mentioned yesterday the expedition climbers who are resting look good and the Sherpas I saw today looked very good and it was fun to see them and to know that they have been to the South Col and were looking strong.

Sherpa Memorial Chorten

Now inside the Eco Lodge I have to say there has been some interesting activity this afternoon.  Jim Barr brought coloring books and I suppose he brought these for school children but here at high altitude it’s been a great activity.  Jim Barr, Jackie and several other members are sitting in the warm Eco Lodge right now with their crayons and jungle animal coloring books and sea creatures coloring books.  Fun activity at high altitude, we are having a great time here at Lobuche.

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