May 9, 2006 - Oh Yeah!

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Breakfast in the Sky Lounge, looking out at the big peaksIt’s May 9th and I’m calling you from one of our favorite places in the world, Ang Temba and Yanzing’s Highland Sherpa Resort in Pangboche.  Before the group got here they had heard quite a bit about what a pleasant place this is, especially the glass encased dining room that sits above the lodge.  Our group calls this Ang Temba’s ‘Sky Lounge’.

This morning we woke up to quite cloudy weather but as we assembled for breakfast and enjoyed apple pancakes the clouds parted and you would not believe the view we had from the sky lounge.  Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, all the big peaks were before us.  We sat in the warm, comfortable dining room and continued to enjoy our breakfast.  There was a great deal of excitement with the team members as they ran for their cameras and put them out the window and took beautiful photographs of the spectacular scenery around us.

Lama Geshi and his wonderful smileLater a group of us walked up towards the Pangboche Monastery and we visited a very special, old friend of mine, Lama Geshi.  This wonderful man who is now 74 years old came over from Tibet; he’s a Tibetan scholar who you would call a PhD of Buddhist religion.  He’s very important to the Sherpa people, he is also a wonderful man, a wise man and he has a beaming glow and smile and his laughter is infectious and makes everybody else laugh with joy. 

We spent two wonderful hours with Lama Geshi.  He shared words of wisdom with us, translated by Ang Temba.  Sometimes he would make the comment that I remember Maegan Carney often commented about him making, after he would laugh he’d say ‘oh yeah, oh yeah’.  Believe me it’s a joyous occasion visiting with Lama Geshi and being blessed as our group was blessed by him today before we continue to move closer to Chomolonga or the Mother Goddess of this area.

We came back for lunch and I keep talking about food but I got to tell you what we had for lunch today, it was ham and pineapple, vegetable quiche, coleslaw, mixed vegetables and chapati or really nice flatbread that is like our tortillas from North America.  Then the group started out ahead of me, they are going to Dingboche tonight and Ang Temba and I will walk up behind and join them.

Opus receives a blessing from the Lama Geshi

As you can tell there are great times along the trail to Everest on this trip.  Everyone here is having a wonderful time, spiritually with the Sherpa people and we are just thrilled to be among these great mountains.  The spirit of adventure is high with this group and in the spirit of Lama Geshi, great laughter, Oh Yeah!

Ang Temba translates for Lama Geshi

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