May 14 - Reaching the Summit of Kala Patar

It’s May 14th and I’m proud to say our entire team is on the summit of Kala Patar at 18,700 ft (5700m). Climbing Kala Pattar with Pumori in the backgroundKala Patar means black rock in Nepalese; this beautiful little summit was first climbed in 1951 by Eric Shipton on the Everest Reconnaissance Expedition. Thousands and thousands of trekkers and mountaineers have stood on its summit since because of the amazing view of Everest. I can tell you right now Fiona, Bob, Maggie and Amy and all of our sherpas are enjoying that amazing view.

What a day it must be up there. We have been talking to base camp and camp 2 and I know teams are moving up today on to the south col perhaps even beyond. It looks to me like there is going to be great weather and in the next 24 hours, certainly in the next 72 hours I think a lot of good things might be happening on the way to Everest summit.

Bob is lookin' good and enjoying the viewI’m looking right now at the south col, up the southeast ridge to the south summit all the way to the summit and it’s a beautiful and inspiring view. We are pleased to be here and have it. We are at 1,000 ft above base camp now and it’s clear in every direction up towards base camp and towards the mountains. Down the valley we see clouds back by those sherpa memorial chortens we walked by a couple of days ago but it’s beautiful weather in the upper Khumbu.

Tomorrow we’ll move to base camp and we will report to you once we have arrived at Everest Base Camp.

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