May 10, 2007– Views from Kala Pattar

View of Everest and Nuptse from Kala Pattar

Its early evening on May 10th and we had an amazing day today.  Right now I’m standing on the edge of the lateral moraine of the Khumbu glacier, just a few steps away from our lodge at Gorak Shep which is the last outpost before Everest Base Camp.  I’m looking out at the big towers of ice, rubble of rock and the expanse of the glacier that leads all the way up to base camp.  I’m also looking up towards Kala Pattar, the high point at 18,500 feet (5640m) which is famous for views of Everest.

We had a really full day today.  Any member of this team can tell you that they are definitely feeling they are over 16,000 feet (4877m) now.  We are now moving slowly, our breathing is a bit difficult but the team is tough and they keep pushing and we are doing fine.

We had lunch at Gorak Shep and afterwards we decided to go ahead and see what it is like higher up on the top of this famous view point, Kala Pattar.  We made it to the very top in the afternoon and enjoyed views of Everest all along the way and felt very proud about the success we had.  Its cloudy today so Everest would hide itself for awhile in mystery and then it would come out, but the views were just stunning.  We also looked toward base camp and saw the sea of tents up there, a lot of tents at base camp this year.

Trekking to Gorak Shep

We are going to go up there tomorrow; we have invitations from a lot of friends to visit their camps.  We are particularly looking forward to visiting the bakery that is operating at base camp this year.  We’ve had quite a debate going, some people along the way are telling us the apple pie is the best thing at this bakery and others are saying the cheesecake is better.  I’m sure we’ll try both tomorrow and decide for ourselves.

We’ll report to you from Everest Base Camp and we are excited about reaching our goal tomorrow.

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