May 9, 2007– The Terminal Moraine of the Khumbe Glacier

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Trekking towards Lobuche

It’s the 9th of May and the team has had amazing progress today and we are in a place you just wouldn’t believe.  We’ve come all the way to 16,000 feet (4876m) and we are right at the edge of the Khumbu glacier and this massive movement of rock and ice that comes down from the highest slopes of Mount Everest toward the villages of the Khumbu region.                                     

Any glacier has to stop somewhere and the glacier such as the Khumbu always has a terminal moraine that’s the end of the glacier which is just a bunch of rock that is pushed up into a gigantic mound.  We climbed up the terminal moraine of the Khumbu glacier right after lunch today and we ended up at the village of Lobuche where we are staying in a very comfortable lodge run by Sherpas, right at the edge of the glacier.

I know back in Shawnee, Kansas, the fifth grade class, Mrs....

[lost transmission]

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