May 4, 2007– The Traditional Sherpa Village of Thame

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The small village of Thame

Thame is a lot of widely spaced, traditional Sherpa houses, mostly very small with brightly painted windows and they are set around small, enclosed pasture and crop areas surround by rock walls.  And of course surrounded by fabulous high mountains in every direction.

Far above me there is an old monastery that’s at least 350 years old, a classic Himalayan retreat type monastery high above the world up on the high slopes of the Himalayas.  There is a Rinpoche or reincarnate lama who I consider an old friend and enjoy seeing a couple times every year.  Hopefully he is up there, not in meditation and we’ll be able to visit with him tomorrow.  It’s always one of my favorite times in the trip to go see the Rinpoche at Thame.

The group is doing great, as you can tell I’m really happy and I know they are to be in such a peaceful, traditional Sherpa village at a frontier outpost not far from Tibet and in a really stunning beautiful area with mountains all around.

We’ll report to you each day about our adventures but know that we are really happy here at 12,500 feet (3810m) in Thame.

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