May 23 – Goodbye from Kathmandu: Final EBC Dispatch

Wes and Dan saying their goodbyes before heading to the airport

Today the last of the Berg Adventures Everest Base Camp Spring 2005 team will fly out of Kathmandu.  Mark Garvin is headed home to California via Bangkok and Wally is off to Bhutan for a week to prepare for next season's Berg Adventures Bhutan trek.

Katherine leaving the Yak & YetiKatherine and Richard left for Bangkok and home on Saturday and Wes and Dan loaded up at the Yak and Yeti bound for the beaches on Kho Samui, Thailand yesterday.  When each member of the trek departs a team of our Sherpa Staff and Kathmandu office staff show up to present "Khatas" as a blessing for safe travel and as an expression of warm thanks and respect for their honoured guests who are leaving Nepal.

The smiles on each members face as they depart tell the story: no one in this group could have imagined the richness of the experiences they were going to have with the people of Nepal during these past three weeks.  They all leave with memories for a lifetime and a dream to return some day to this wonderful land.

Our trekking guides saying goodbye to team members

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