May 20 – EBC Team Back in Kathmandu

Team meets for dinner at the Everest Steak House

Well we have made it back to Kathmandu and what an eventful 24 hours it has been.  Right after the last dispatch I sent, we did get together for a farewell celebration with all our staff in Lukla.   After a wonderful dinner and some moments recognizing each member for our Nepalese support team we enjoyed listened to the crew sing some Nepalese folk songs.  The only musical instrument was a drum, but the voices were beautiful and enchanting.  As is always the case with the hill peoples of Nepal, song is accompanied by dance – men dance with men and women with women, but the rhythm and movement is very graceful, joyful and sensual;  some of our member joined in and danced with the staff.

This morning we got on the Yeti Airlines Twin Otter and flew back to Kathmandu.  It is hot here, and the showers feel nice.  We are all pleased to have a bit more time in Nepal.  This evening we headed into Thamel together.  Our destination was the Everest Steak House, long a favorite with BAI groups.  I could tell as the members of this team walked through the crowded and colorful streets of Thamel that they would all be back tomorrow to look around some more for mementos to take home.            

We were joined at dinner by Min and his young son, Diphendra as well as Nima.  We miss all the rest of our staff, who remained home in the Khumbu, but we know we will see them again next fall when BAI returns to the Everest region.

The wonders of shopping in Thamel

Most of the rest of the group is at the Irish Pub in Thamel.  Richard, Garv and I returned to the Yak and Yeti.  We are all thinking of what rich and wonderful experience we have shared together these past weeks and we are all sending our best wishes to Shelley, Brad and Ang Temba, who will wake just a few hours from now begin their attempt to climb to the summit of Island Peak.

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