May 18 – Island Peak Team ready to move to High Camp

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Views of Everest and Lhotse

This is Shelley Freeman calling from Island Peak Base Camp on Wednesday May 18th and I am calling from inside my tent where is cozy warm but it is snowing outside, just a little bit.

It's cold outside, but warm and cozy inside our BergAdventures tentsWe are now at approximately 5000 meters and tomorrow we will gain another 600 meters as we make our way to high camp on Island Peak. We decided to not take a rest day and to go right ahead to high camp because we are both feeling really good right now, so we thought it would be a good idea to do it.

We will try to summit on May 20th from high camp; hopefully we will be back to base camp that same day after the summit.

But I would like to mention that tomorrow is Brad’s wedding anniversary and I know that he is thinking about his family right now so I would like to say happy anniversary to his wife Andrea and big hello to his son Charlie.

So we are going to be settling down for the night to have a good night sleep   and hopefully we will be well rested for tomorrow and for the days to come.

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