May 15 – Team Returns to Pangboche

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Ang Temba’s lodge in Pangboche with views of Ama Dablam

Well, it is 15th of May and this crew is back down at much lower elevation. Actually the entire team came down to Ang Temba’s lodge in Pangboche.

We woke this morning to beautiful weather but there were no takers for Kala Patar; Everest Base Camp having been a satisfying enough goal. I think everyone felt the need to move down, and move down together. Ang Temba was waiting for our team at his lodge in PangbocheIn fact we talked about how hard it would be to split up, with Shelley, Brad and myself planning to go over the Kongma La for them to prepare for their Island Peak climb. But in Lobouche we decided that we just wouldn’t do it, so we all came down here together and now tomorrow morning Shelley, Brad and Ang Temba, who came up from Namche to meet us today, will be doing their preparation for their next phase of their trip to Island Peak and I will stay around and help them a bit. 

Last night after that long exhausting day to Base camp, Ball fixed enchiladas for the entire team as well as some Macaroni and cheese; not the 2 kinds of food that you might have together at home but pretty good mixture at Gorak Shep after a long day to Everest Base Camp.

The thick air feels good, I know folks are thinking about home but I am thinking about what wonderful days we still have as we move down the valley, with sherpa friends and beautiful views all about. 

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