May 10 – The Prettiest Mountain Walk on Earth

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View of Ama Dablam and the trail leaving PangbocheOK! Today we made it to Dingboche, we are over 14,000 feet now and it is May 10th. We loved being in Pangboche, at Ang Temba’s of course. This morning we awoke to perfect clear skies, Ama Dablam was before us, right out of the window of the lodge.

We went up to the Pangboche Monastery and now as we walk up the valley, I believe it has to be the prettiest mountain walk on earth, we’ve had Everest, Lhotse and of course Ama Dablam and the other big peaks before us all day long.

We walk on different paces; Wes and Phu Dorjee enjoy walking together, they started it out early and walk quite slow. Some of the rest of us walk behind the master pace setter, Danu, who many Berg Adventures clients have known, has the pace setting art down better than anyone. He walks very slowly, Mark especially appreciates walking behind Danu, and keeps the rhythm going, we don’t stop, we just keep walking slowly.

Everest and Lhotse peak through the cloudsAnd then Brad and sometimes Dan Alexander like to go fast, they say, “we worked out a sweat and go a little faster," and that’s when Nima comes in, he likes to go fast. So he is our conditioning pace setter.   

All in all we have a great time walking on our own pace and when we arrive at lunch, in this case at Dingboche, at our lodge, everybody had a great experience just going at the pace that they choose to go.

We saw Island Peak just as we arrived at Dingboche, in our lodge, and Brad has got a good look at his objective, where he, Shelley and Ang Temba will be climbing in not that long time from now.

The entire group is acclimatizing well and send the best wishes to everybody back home; we will report to you as we move up the valley.  

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