May 8 – Finally seeing the Mountains

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By the Bhudda painting along the trail to Thame

It is Sunday, May 8th, and we are in Thame. What are remarkable day! We awoke this morning to perfectly clear skies and our first real view of the Himalaya. Everyone woke up this morning with comments like; “There really are mountains in Nepal”. We have seen the steep gorges and valleys but we haven’t seen clear views of the high peaks till today, and they are before us in all its glory right now.

The group pauses on another Khumbu bridge

Yesterday when we arrived in Thame, the Panasonic Toughbook came out, as usual. We were going to prepare some jpgs, which I believe it has been getting back to everyone in good form. Lhakpa Tenzing, who I remember when he was just born,  and actually when he was a very small child, is 7 years old now and has been one year at school.  He took right to the Panasonic Toughbook. Shelley showed him how to manipulate some of the images, he used the stylus at first, of course the touch screen makes it pretty easy, and eventually he just figured out his fingers work fine. It was pretty fun having him give us some assistance sending back the jpgs, which I believe is...

[ garbled transmission ]

Mom and friends looking at Lhakpa working very concentrated on the computer

In a little while we're going to go up and see the Rimpoche, the Reincarnate Llama of the Thame Monastery, but you should know that the entire group is feeling really well, we are pleased to be all the way out here after several days of trekking, we are just getting started but everyone is acclimatizing well and excited to be here.

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