June 24, 2007 – Team Reaches Summit of Pequeno Alpamayo

The route to the summit of Pequeno Alpamayo

Ola Amigos, it’s John calling and I’m sitting here with three tired but very happy mountaineers who just summited Pequeno Alpamyo.  We are a little bit ahead of schedule here, it’s 11:30am.  It’s a wonderful day, we don’t have a whole lot of wind and for most of the day we have been watching an ocean of clouds.  Now we can see wisps of clouds work their way out of the valley.

Osvi (Oswaldo) proved himself again as a very skilled mountain guide here in Bolivia.  Jamie, Jack and Jim are just taking a little breather and shortly we will be making our way back down to base camp.          

Later that day…

Jack and Jim relaxing in their tent after a very successful summit day

Well we all made it back down base camp and none too soon either as some clouds are coming in and turning into quite a storm here.  There is a cold north wind and we may just have some snow by tomorrow morning. 

Everyone is here healthy and happy although a little tired.  We are looking forward to dinner before we tuck into bed early tonight.  Tomorrow will be our transfer day back to La Paz.

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