June 28 - Leaving La Paz and Clean Sheets Behind for the Mountains Again

Keith and Bob taking a short break during their climb

The showers were great, but I think the best part was the clean sheets.  The sight of our dusty duffel bags in the hotel lobby when we arrived yesterday was quite the show.  A tired but satisfied team retired to begin washing off the Altiplano and the sweat from days of climbing and living above 4500 meters at Condoriri.

Keith will spend the 4th of July with his familyThere were two factions for dinner.  Part of the team stayed in the hotel and ordered room service - not wanting to venture far from the clean sheets.  Another more adventurous crew went to Burger King.

At 10:00 am this morning Juan Carlos and the team will return to collect us and we will be off once again, driving across the beautiful and empty Bolivian landscape in our bus.  Our destination:  Sajama Base Camp, where we are told there are a nice group of hot springs!

The accomplishments of our climbing in the Condoriri group is still a close and a powerful memory for each member of this group.  This morning in the pre dawn darkness, Keith left for El Alto Airport and the flight back home to Heather, Erin and Bryn.  Keith’s goal on this trip was Pequeno Alpamayo, which he accomplished in great style.  Now he is heading back to his family for the 4th of July holiday break in the States.

We will miss Keith, but as we look at the bright high altitude sky above La Paz, excitement for the next adventure - in the desert of Southwestern Bolivia - begins to take over.

Here we go again!

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