June 26 (Evening) - Team Returns to Base Camp

It’s about 6:15pm and I’m watching our team walk into base camp at the end of a very successful and very long day.  We have been moving for 13 ½ hours now and it has been more than 15 hours since we woke up so I have a tired crew walking into camp. 

After we left the top of Tarija we traversed back across the glacier and during the last hour of our walk on the glacier we were on some very hard dry ice that you find at the toe of the glacier.  It takes a lot of skill to walk on this and the whole team did very well.  It reminds me that today was Shawna’s fifth day on crampons and I find that remarkable.  Shawna is a climber and with the inspiration and support of her father and husband Art she is pursuing mountaineering goals.

I saw Michael Boni run out and give his tent mate Keith Wilson a hug.  It’s good to have the entire team back together.  Tomorrow the lovely ladies of the altiplano with the lamas will come and load up our gear and we will head back to La Paz.  It’s hard to believe that our nights here in the Condoriri are already over.  It has been a wonderful time here doing these peak ascents but it will also be a wonderful experience to stay in a five star hotel tomorrow night.  And remember we will still be at 12,500 feet so we will stay acclimatized for our climb of Sajama in the south western part of Bolivia, the highest peak in Bolivia.  We will be heading out there the day after tomorrow.

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