Underway in Bolivia - June 13, 2004

BAI guide Dave Scott

Bolivian ReedboatThis is the second day that Karen, Mike and Gayle, this year’s BAI Bolivia Expedition team members, have been in Bolivia. Today we drove from La Paz to the beautiful town of Copacabana on the shore of Lake Titacaca (12,650 feet, 3860 meters). On the way we stopped along the lake shore and watched how the reed boats, which are a common sight on the Lake, are made. The fellow who showed us had helped build Thor Heyerdahl’s boat the Kon Tiki, which was sailed across the Pacific. Once we got to Copacabana we hiked up to top a mountain above the town. This group seems to be acclimatizing very well. Our lead Bolivian guide, Juan Carlos, is a great guy. We are having fun and excited about the adventures to come.

BAI Bolivian guide Juan Carlos

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