November 11 - At Base Camp for Lobuche Peak

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It’s November 11th and the entire team has reached base camp for Lobuche Peak , which we will be attempting to climb in the next few days.  We had two very relaxing days at Dingboche. We are at 15,750 ft (4800m) now here at Lobuche, at base camp. Dingboche was about 14,400 ft (4390m), so we have moved up considerably.  Those two nights at Dingboche were very useful for our acclimatization and very relaxing, we stayed in a lodge.  Now it feels good to be moving back into tents as we get higher and closer to the climbing.

We had fantastic views of the south face of Lotse and Island Peak from Dingboche and today as we walked up the ridge towards Lobuche Peak our route on Lobuche was before us the entire way.

Everybody on the team is healthy, we are trying to stay patient before we climb but we are reminding ourselves that we are in the midst of the most beautiful mountains in the world and our bodies are adapting and when the time comes we will be fit and ready to climb we hope.

So from Lobuche base camp, that’s all for now.  We’ll keep reporting as we can daily on how our progress is going with acclimatization and fitness and getting ready to climb these beautiful glacier routes.  I’m looking up now in the evening twilight at the massive glacier on Lobuche that goes right up to the summit where we will be there in a few days and we’ll let you know how that climb goes.

More Photos from the Trek:

Don Morgan enjoying his time in the Khumbu

Don Morgan enjoying his time in the Khumbu

Joseph Acero in Thame

Min and Grant on the trail

A clear day in Namche

Wally with the Rinpoche

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