November 8 - Visiting Monasteries

Jennifer receiving a blessing from the Thame RinpocheIt’s Monday November 8th and I’m calling you from Pangboche, we made it to the famous Pangboche monastery at 12,900 ft (3900m).  Everest, Lotse and of course Ama Dablam are spread before us in this beautiful evening light.

We see a lot of monasteries, as you know we were in Thame just yesterday morning with the Rinpoche.  He told us interestingly enough that he’s coming to Pangboche today so maybe we’ll see him in the morning.  It’s pretty unusual to have two reincarnates or Rinpoche lamas in one place, but that should be the case tomorrow in Pangboche.

We also visited the Khumjung monastery this morning as we walked out of the village of Khunde.  We had a beautiful walk looking at Ama Dablam before us the whole way up today. 

Relaxing in Thame… It was a beautiful daySo we are psyched, the mountains are getting prettier by the day and I can report this entire team is still very healthy and strong.  In fact I just saw Joe and Don come back from the bakery in Pangboche.  Yes, the monks here do run a bakery and it’s quite a good one.  They had huge chocolate covered doughnuts and what looked like a giant éclair.

So appetites are good, spirits are high and we continue to move up the Khumbu to get ready attempt Lobuche peak first.  We’ll keep reporting as we go.

The lodge we're using in Thame

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Our objective:

Ama Dablam
Nepal Himalaya

22,494 feet
6857 meters

First Ascent:

March 13, 1961
Barry Bishop
Wally Ramanes
Mike Gill
Mike Ward