January 11, 2008 –The Trek Back to Mendoza

It's January 11th and here's the weather forecast for the Hyatt Hotel in Mendoza, Argentina: Room temperature, any precipitation with 100 % humidity. Extremely high humidity in the vicinity of the sauna at the spa. Guests are warned that room service may take up to 25 minutes and their full service breakfast buffet is not available until 7am in the morning.

Right now I'm calling you from about halfway down the beautiful river valley, blue sky overhead, Kate and John took off earlier this morning and we're about half an hour behind them, with Nathan and Phillip in front of us. Leila and I with some of the Berg Adventures Team are waiting back to make sure our big bags will be picked up to be taken back to the River Valley and then at the road to be taken back to the Hyatt Hotel which I just gave you the weather forecast for. All of us are communicating on radios as we trek along.

A great success for this team as I've said. When we're back at the Hyatt, and their terrible weather, we'll probably be able to send you some photographs of the many adventures we've had on South America's highest peak.

22,841 feet
6962 meters