January 17, 2006 - Team Returns to High Camp Tired but Happy

Its 7:00pm and the Aconcagua summit team, all 5 of us, just walked back in to Berlin Camp, in a snow storm I might mention.  We had the same weather we had yesterday; with deteriorating weather in the afternoon and considerable blowing snow with poor visibility on the descent.  We managed to do the descent in 4 hours all the same.  The guys can tell you that it was exhausting but they are very proud as they well should be for our great accomplishment today.

We called Leila on the radio about an hour out of camp and made the request for pure broth soup.  What I’m hearing from the guys tonight is that they want to get hydrated, I’m sure they need the salt but they really are not into any salt food at all, they’re just exhausted.  So they’ll be going to bed and they’ll sleep well here at our cozy little camp at Berlin.  We’ll let you know tomorrow about our descent back down to the world of pizza and steak and our good friend Niki down at Plaza de Mulas.

22,841 feet
6962 meters

22,637 feet
6900 meters