December 30 - Team Arrives at Santa Rosa Lake

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IBerg Adventures Camp beside Santa Rosa Laket’s the 30th of December and I’m calling you from about 14,190 ft (4325m) above the beautiful saline or salt lake of Santa Rosa in the high Chilean desert.  Our team climbed up here in just over 2 hours today, so as you can tell from that our acclimatization process is well underway, everybody is looking great.

Yesterday we had a really enjoyable drive out across the empty expanse of the desert from the beautiful city of Copiapo.  We stopped about two miles out of town under a rare sight, a tree where there was a little bit of water and a bit of an oasis where we had some shade.  We stopped there and Leila and Charlie bounced out of the vehicles and prepared lunch for us, sandwiches, potato chips and cold drinks as we enjoyed being in the desert and on our way to our climb.

Leila and Charlie prepare lunch for the team

Today we woke up at our camp at Santa Rosa, where we will spend two nights acclimatizing here and as I said we had a great climb up to this high point.  Niki and Juancho were out front the whole way up.  The rest of us Brian, Roger, Ken, Bob, myself and Leila were all hanging back a bit with Eswaldo the other Bolivian guide.

Niki was out front for most of today's hike

Now we stopped and I’m sure some of the group will climb a bit higher to see what it looks like and I intend to just sit here and enjoy the view with the perfectly clear skies.  We’ll head back down to Juan Carlos and our camp and of course our cook Charlie in a little bit.  We are on a mellow schedule as we begin our acclimatization.

22,841 feet
6962 meters

22,637 feet
6900 meters