January 26, 2007 -  Fond Farewells and Dreams of More Adventures Together

It’s never to late to do a little shopping in Mendoza before your plane leaves

This is Leila Silveira reporting. That favorite restaurant in Mendoza provided a great evening last night. It turns out it was recently voted the 7th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine. I will never forget Jerri’s comment after sitting down that she was actually going to have dinner at a real restaurant.

This team is really enjoying spending time with each other. We met today again for breakfast and decided to have lunch together before most of the team leave.

Martin scrambles along the river during his epic hike from Plaza de Mulas

We talked a lot about future plans and Ecuador sounds like it is on everyone agenda. BAI will be running a November trip to Ecuador where we will climb the volcanoes and afterwards spend a week touring the Galapagos Islands where we will charter a private yacht only with BAI climbers and friends. Martin has already talked with his wife and he may have convinced her to join him in Ecuador.

The catamaran will spend a week going through the islands where snorkeling and scuba diving will be one of the options. Claire gave us some ideas on what it will be like; she has been there and is eager to get back. One can swim with penguins and sea lions!

Steve and Jerri are the experienced travelers, relaxing in the hotel lobby

Klaus’ sister who is a biologist has also visited the island so we did hear lots of interesting comments and suggestions.                                              

Jeff checks his passport before his flight back homeAfter a great lunch we walked back to the hotel through the park and did some last minute shopping. It was hard to see our friends leave since as I mentioned before, we have all become a tight family. Martin is the last in town; he will leave in a few days and his plan now is to go for long daily walks around the city.  I know that he will enjoy walking in this lovely city with its tree lined streets, but I bet nothing in his walks here will be as adventurous as his and Klaus' trip down the Harcones River two days ago!

Just a few minutes ago the team members bound for the airport were sitting in the lobby surrounded by their duffel bags full of climbing gear and mountain clothes.  Last minute checks of passports and tickets were being done.  Claire and I are going to the bus station where Claire will begin her 15 hour trip by bus to Buenos Aires. Everyone has the tans, windburns and in some cases the peeling skin of mountaineers as we begin our travels to our homes around the world.  The weeks we have spent together in Chile and Argentina have provided us with memories that will last a lifetime and with inspiration to continue to dream and plan for adventures to come.

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