January 8, 2007 - Keeping Busy on our Rest Day

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Carol and Danny run a marathon around Laguna VerdeThe acclimatization, training and relaxing activities continue here at our resort by Laguna Verde at 4300m (14,110ft).  Today Opus got started early and made it all the way to the summit of Mula Muerto in about 5.5 hours and back down in 2 hours.  Great training day for Opus.  Oswaldo, Leila and Guilherme were climbing up as well and reached 5200m (17,060ft).                              

Yesterday Danny and Carol had a really good day climbing after having by their own admission taken it too fast around the lake a couple of days ago.  Danny explained that they are marathon runners and that’s just what we know how to do.  I explained to him when we did our ascent yesterday going straight up Mula Meurto that we have to do the Wally pace for ascending in high altitude.  They agreed with me along with all the other members who climbed yesterday, that it was a very effective way to ascend and they had a great time on their climb.

Nikki enjoyed washing her long hair today on their rest dayToday those two and myself and most of the rest of the crew went back out to the far east end of the lake where the dead puma is and enjoyed the walk.  Most of the crew walked all the way back and got some nice light exercise.

There is a lot more that is going on around here though, I soaked in the hot springs twice, Nikki just walked back from one of the hot spring areas with a pail, a big smile on her face and a brush in her long, clean hair, she’s happy to have her hair clean.  Life’s good here at the hot springs.

Tomorrow we are going to move to a higher elevation and keep you posted about how we are feeling and how it looks as we get higher towards the very summit of Ojos del Salado.

22,841 feet
6962 meters

22,637 feet
6900 meters